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Welcome to the San-Tribe!

Here you find some information about the "San-Tribe Foundation" and the "Natural Village Project" in the Carpathian Mountains in South-East-Poland.
Our vision is to come back to a natural style of live in tune with the nature that surrounds us.
We want to find our inspiration from the nature without electronics and drugs.
We've found a wonderful wild place in the Bieszczady-Mountains near the Ukrainian and Slovakian border, where we want to build up a natural village.
I don't want to write here a lot more because I think it's not possible to explain everything over Internet. If you're interested or you've any questions, just write a letter to: Fundacja Plemię Sanu, Hulskie 2, 38-713 Lutowiska, Poland or an e-mail to
You can also phone to us: +48 662 998 606 (mobile).

We're looking for people who want to try to live in tune with the nature.
You're invited to visit us in Hulskie!

Here some more information:

For more information look at the Polish or German version.

Fundacja Plemię Sanu

Hulskie 2
38-713 Lutowiska
Mobile: +48 662 998 606




Bank: Bieszczadzki Bank Spółdzielczy
Domicile: Ustrzyki Dolne, POLAND
IBAN: PL13 8621 0007 2001 0002 2002 0002